Flavor Focused

The Ideas Behind The Food

At Crust & Craft, we are deeply rooted in hand-crafted cuisine. Using the finest techniques and focusing on the smallest details, we strive to serve consistent dishes of incredible flavor. We offer a range of seafood and bruschetta options to start, as well as unique salad options featuring fresh, in-season ingredients. Our pasta is also made in-house and cooked to perfection for a variety of tastes. For our full menu, click HERE.

To accomplish our wide variety of hand prepared food, we source the freshest local and seasonal ingredients, and are proud to partner with local farmers:


Served fresh and made to order

Our pizzas are made in the Neapolitan style, cooked in our custom-made Marra Forni wood oven that is the centerpiece of our restaurant. The fire reaches 900 degrees for ideal cooking temperature, allowing us to ensure that our pizzas have crunchy crusts, melted cheese, and perfectly cooked ingredients. Each pizza is made to order; as a result of the intense temperature, the outer edge of the crust tends to char. This is not a sign of a burnt pie, but rather a guarantee: it shows that each pizza is cooked correctly and will never be lukewarm or have a soggy center.

Pizza Dough

Step 1: Dough

Each pizza we serve starts with the dough. We make our dough by hand daily, allowing it to level for two days before use. Because each batch is made by hand it will vary slightly, making each pizza- from creation to consumption- an individual experience.


Step 2: Ingredients

We offer pizzas to fit every taste, from suggested combinations featured on our menu to our build your own ‘Yo’ pizza. Each pizza is made with hand-crushed tomato sauce, sweet garlic, or olive oil drizzle, then built upon with a variety of cheeses, vegetables, meats, and seafood.

Pizza Cooking

Step 3: Cooking

After creation, each pizza is slid into our oven for three minutes to cook. Each pizza is placed adjacent to the fire- the unique oven design keeps the temperature hottest near the edge and coolest near the flames. This engineering results in perfectly cooked pies, every time.


Hand-made in house, never boxed

Our pasta program starts with three simple ingredients: durum wheat semolina, farm fresh eggs, and water. We sometimes create our own little take by adding seasonal ingredients. The Arcoballeno pasta machine we use presses the dry, sawdust-like dough through brass bronze dies, cutting the pasta into different shapes and widths. The end result is a dense pasta that cooks up al dente and holds that texture all the way to the table.



Fully stocked with something for everyone

Our commitment to flavor does not end at the plate. We offer a full service bar with beer, cider, cocktails, and wine to suit every customer’s preferences. Our beer list features approximately 75 craft beers on-tap, bottled, as well as canned. For those who prefer other drinks, we offer a distinct selection of red, white, and bubbly wine, as well as a seasonal cocktail list to pair with our extensive menu.

Similarly, our dedication to local businesses does not stop at farmers. We have hand selected from the best Delaware and Pennsylvania have to offer; our draught list features beers brewed within 150 miles of Rehoboth Beach, with a cask-conditioned selection as well. These include: